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If life is unfair for me, but life is fair for them. How is that fair?

I remember I was in a line at school, and somebody took my paperwork and changed my name into their name, then I said "excuse me" then they ...

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Why is the American science fair system so skewed?

My project was about how to measure the density of teas using photo-resistors, and I explained how it can be translated to other aspects of science. ...

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What is the difference between a carnival and a fair?

I was just wondering is a carnival and a fair the same thing, are they just synonyms or is there a difference ...

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Is it fair to match up a tall opponent vs a much smaller one ?

Its about a mixed grappling match, the girl is 5'11 and 15, the boy is 5'4 and 16. Is that still ...

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Wizard of Oz audition help?

I am auditioning for the part of Dorothy at my local theater. I am 15 yrs old and 4ft 11. I am fair to white skinned, and my voice is pretty ...

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Do guys like girls with?

Do guys like girls with dirty blonde hair, light fair skin, blue eyes, and dimples?

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Is it fair that my bf leaves me home alone with no car to go to his friends house for hours?

One time he left at noon and didn't come back til like 10 or 11 that ...

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