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My grandmother fell 2 years ago and she is diagnosed with dimensia. How do I get her to walk again?

Day fallen October 15 2015 Dimensia Can’t walk anymore Need help getting her to walk

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My knees are aching to where I can't walk without pain.Could it be a possible hairline fracture?

I am a volleyball athlete, and I have fallen on my knees before. I've been experiencing this pain for a long time, and its been getting worse.

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Why is it that I am to afraid to say yes?

The most wonderful guy in the world declared his love to me, but I declined, even though I had fallen in love with him as well. ...

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Can one really find true love?

iam 25 never fallen in love and never dated .still hoping to get the Mr right

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I really like this guy......but he has fallen for someone else.....what should I do?

He likes my best friend a lot yet she doesn't and already has a boyfriend. ...

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How do I tell my husband I dont love him anymore?

I seem to have fallen out of love with my husband. I tried to convince myself that I love him but that's not ...

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