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My little sister who is 12 and in 13 she had gotten her period before me. Does this mean anything?

I cried because I felt so humiliated that she got it before me my mom got hers at 12 and my sister got her when she was 11! I'm 13 and still ...

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Can someone tell me what high blood sugar feels like? I think I had a bad episode last night. Thanks

Yesterday started off normal except I was nauseous and had vertigo, but when I went to bed that night, my nausea heightened, I felt terrible, just... ...

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I died then came back, but strangely?

I died, then came back... All while maintaining my presence here. I felt the soul and am now confident I know what it is, and how it is separate ...

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I haven't been feeling like myself lately?

Last week I felt like myself; outgoing, hyper, crazy, cute, I just have a alot of personality and I make everyone laugh. At the ...

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Should I tell the girl I love her if I've met her after years of not getting in touch?

A few years ago I was in love with a girl, but for some reason I doubted it. I ...

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I feel that she loves me but she denies it totally??

I fell in love with this girl and i knew that she was committed. Initially i felt i didnt had feeling for her so ...

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Should I go on home studies or should I stay in school?

I've been attending highschool for 2 and a half years now and I've never really felt connected here or ...

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