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I have to choose between doing two things I love... opinions?

Hi. I've been playing soccer since I was a little kid. I love being in the game. I usually don't look forward to practice, but when I get ...

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How fast do the wind speeds have to be to stop a cars forward momentum?

If a car was driving forward at 60mph how fast would the head wind have to be to stop the cars forward momentum

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Where can I find web designers?

I have conceptualized the idea and want to take it forward. This is a web based idea and the only issue is I am not well versed with web ...

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Do the Greek gods exist or not?

Can someone please put forward some logical evidence that they don't? I have a friend who is sure that she's a demigod after ...

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Should I send flowers to my sister-in-law's office?

My sister-in-law has just been promoted at her office. It's something she's been looking forward to for ...

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How to help my son?

My son is in the shanghai international school for a month now, first he really enjoy and always look forward to go to school,but this two days he ...

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