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Technician A says that simple hydraulic four-wheel steering systems permit rear steering only at...

...high speeds. Technician B says that with four-wheel steering, the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction during sharp turns. Who is ...

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Spectrum - dose the new box have a time display on the front panel?

new box just installed. the old one had the time and channel on the display panel

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Have you ever accidentally farted in front of someone you like?

Did that ever happen to you or have you ever accidentally just farted. where did this happen, how long ago was it, and what did you do if anyone ...

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If someone say love you without "I" in front of it, does it mean anything or am I nuts?

Certain people, who I care very much for, say it like that and I was curious if it ...

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My boyfriend kissed a girl right in front of me?

my boyfriend of 3 months and i went out to a pub with some friends. I've never really been out with him before. We ...

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Does a necklace with the virgin mary on it mean anything?

i was playing with a friend in the park beside a church and in front of a catholic shcool and on a picnak table ...

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How do I impress the girl that lives in front of me?

there is this girl that lives in front of me she is 13 and i am 12 how do i impress her. and should i have sex with ...

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Im bisexual, have a gf, and could have a boyfriend or a problem?

I have always been up front about my sexuality with my girlfriend. Been in a relationship for 9 months, ...

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