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Does anyone knows for certain what the initials in (GAP fashion) stands for?

There's a rumor that it stands for: Gay And Proud. Is this true or false?

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How is surrogacy a ethical way for LGBT Couples to have a family?

I'd say that's between the gay couple and the mother. Just because she gives birth to a child that will be raised by a gay couple ...

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Do you think a guy should shave their armpits ?

I was wondering whether a guy should shave their armpits or not, and do you think if there is a man who shaved his armpit he should be consider as ...

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I want my bf to wear thongs/g strings but he thinks its gay its gay, why and how is it gay?

he is really muscular and sexy with a nice toned ass, and would look amazing ...

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Is being gay wrong?

I'm Muslim and I'm gay but I still worship and love god VERY much and I negate my sexual feelings in public and at home but I recently had a ...

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just curious, if you could would you vote yes for equal marriage rights? (social experiment) p.s please no hate!

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I found that my boyfriend has sent a naked picture of himself to another guy, please help?

I went through his phone and seen he had been reading forums on sexuality and ...

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