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Husband dreamed his wife had male body part and said it didn't bother him?

Hi there - my husband told me he dreamed I had a "schmeckle" (so to speak) and that he "didn't mind it." It worries me and ...

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Are there gay prade buses that go to all that gay prades?

I want to know if there buses that travel to all the gay prades to get to them all.

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I cant stop crying?

I cant stop crying because i started thinking about how people treat gays. I started to think about how they beat them and sometimes kill them for ...

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I want my bf to wear thongs/g strings but he thinks its gay its gay, why and how is it gay?

he is really muscular and sexy with a nice toned ass, and would look amazing ...

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Is being gay wrong?

I'm Muslim and I'm gay but I still worship and love god VERY much and I negate my sexual feelings in public and at home but I recently had a ...

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just curious, if you could would you vote yes for equal marriage rights? (social experiment) p.s please no hate!

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Am I gay ?

... Because I fancy a girl at school and have had girl friends in the past but I watch more gay pornography than straight and sometimes think about gay sex ...

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