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Is it normal to be 14 and be able to have my boyfriend in my room without being watched/supervised?

I live with my grandparents, my mom and her boyfriend, and my brother. My grandparents, and my mom and her boyfriend let me and my boyfriend be in my ...

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To ground in laws from stepkids because they don't follow my rules ?

I am the stepmother to be. The ex has full custody. I made my fiancé demand we see them more and the grandparents are only allowed to drive ...

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Could I find my biological grandparents?

My dad was adopted and his name was changed. But I have no idea what it was? Is it possible to find my biological grandparents?

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How can I tell my parents I'm into my same gender?

I don't know how my parents will react, my friend's father disowned them and sent them to their grandparents ...

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My Family Picks On Me?

I'm A Big Fan Of High Fashion. I Like Names Like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Versace etc. My Entire Family (Immediate, Aunts, Cousins, ...

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Looking for cassette tape I listened to as a kid (late 80s/early 90s)?

I used to listen to a cassette tape in my grandparents' rv when I was younger, and it was ...

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Why did your parents or grandparents get married?

Did they choose to marry? How does it compare/contrast with today and marriage?

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