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I am from Papua New Guinea and help me on how I can advertise my carvings?

if someone can just help out on how I can get my carving into the world

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Should I get 2 Guinea Pigs?

I'm 12 and already have a pet sitting business. My family already has 2 dogs and 2 cats, but they seem to do very well with guinea pigs, as I ...

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Guinea pig tearing up water bottles?

I have two male piggies and have had them about 3 months and we have been through 6 water bottles because I discovered two bottles ago they were ...

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Good guinea pig names?

Can anybody think of some good/cute guinea pig names? So far I have thought of: Schnickelfritz Fluffernutter Phoebe Doodle Numbnut Cupcake ...

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2 yr old guinea pig making weird noise while breathing?

last night while my guinea pig was eating his veggies & hay he was making this low almost farting kind of ...

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How to train husky puppy to stop chasing birds and other small animals?

I have guinea pigs in my backyard and cats and my husky puppy wont stop chasing and tormenting ...

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Should I get guinea pigs?

I have wanted them for so long and I'm 14 but I don't know if I will look after them anymore when I get older what should I do is ...

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