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Who do I bring to my sisters wedding?

I'm recently single. I'm a guy. Do I bring my best guy friend or do I bring a girl that I have known for sometime. Btw her and I have no ...

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Ex will respond back to text but avoids seeing me?

My ex bf broke up with me last month over something I did , I was really drunk and did something stupid also he thinks im talking to other guys, I ...

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What do I do?

My brother was best friends with this guy that i like and he used to come over to our house all the time and we'd talk and get along really ...

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Why r guys so mean to girls?

why should they do that

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I have a crush but I'm shy. I wanna talk to him alone, how could I get him alone?

I have a serious crush right now. I've never felt this nervous or shy around any ...

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Why are guys so mean to me?

I'm a teenage girl, and guys are sooo mean to me, but nice to everyone else. I I don't ask for much, I don't want a guy to ...

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I like a really cute guy, but I'm not allowed to date. What do I do?

Okay so there is this really hot guy in my class. I like him and I know he likes me to because he ...

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