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Healthy Diet?

what is the healthy diet for busy office people for long term.

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I eat very healthy. every time I eat no matter if it’s the smallest bit I feel so sick and nauseous?

I feel like I would feel better if I just didn’t eat at all which I used to do. I only eat maybe once or twice a day. I am 17 years old. Also ...

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Is Contortion Healthy?

I've started doing contortion a while ago (about a year and a half), I guess I could say I'm pretty good at it but my father (is a doctor) ...

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How much should I weigh for my height and age?

Is there a simple formula that can be used?

16 answers | | Open

Am I developing an eating disorder? is what Im doing bad for me?

I'm 14 & all my life ive been fat. Ive been insecure all my life & I hate myself. Ive been ...

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Why is fast food considered not healthy ?

except the fact that it is bad for health and it causes health problems such as heart disease , obesity.

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Please give me some tips to keep healthy myself?

I am very health conscious so I want some tips to keep health myself. I don’t want to weight loss. I just want to ...

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