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If I got hurt at school , what would I tell my mom?

I dont want her t o know but it hurts badly

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Why do I like seeing others in pain?

So, I find it entertaining to watch others suffer. But don't get me wrong I would not hurt someone on purpose. But if I see someone getting ...

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How I will motivate myself?

means mentally i will not able to concentrate on my task little little things hurt me like in the interview I know that i deserve that job but ...

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Can Coke Help A Stomach Ache?

I have a terrible flu/stomach ache thingy and I REALLY want coke, but I'm afraid It'll hurt my stomach even more. I have also ...

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My boyfriend wants to have sex.... but Im not ready?

Xavier (my boyfriend) wants to have sex. so do i, but im nervous. a lot of people have filled my head with stuff like ...

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How is Spanking for 8 Year Olds?

Hi there, I'm only 8 and I have a crush on Matthew. I feel alright for him to spank me, but does it hurt? He squished my boob part ...

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My poop is too big?

Ok i know this is really gross to talk about but i really need help. I just can't push my poop out it hurts like hell. I know i'm not ...

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