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How can I tell if this person is mentally ill?

I met someone online. I don't really know that much about him except that he is in his late 30s and he lives in the same city as me. We have ...

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What can I do about a dangerous person staying in a domestic violence shelter with me?

I'm currently staying in a DV shelter with my child and another person here is severely mentally ill. She is delusional, paranoid and very ...

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How do I deal with my mentally ill mom?

I'm 11 and my mom has had mental problems pretty much my whole life. In 2011 my parents got divorced and got shared custody. ...

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What are foods that don't make you fart/gurgle?

I am serious and not joking - I'll explain. In school after I eat lunch, I start to build gas inside me. I don't ...

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What is the equation in standard form of a perpendicular line tht passes through (5,1)?

cant figure out these answers to algebra 1 american school exam 5 need helpp...ill ...

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Youtube having problems watching movies on you tube?

after i select the movie ill press pause, wait for a while and let it buffer...i press play and start ...

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Why is this happening?

I lost my virginity two days ago to a man that I've known and trusted for a long time. Yes, we used protection and yes, he is clean. I just ...

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