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When you choose a joint major, do you learn both at the same time, or are the courses semestered?

For example, if I were to be learning English and science, would I have to learn all the courses of English in the fall and science courses in the ...

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Do I have to make my daughter go back to her dad's?

My daughter is 15 days from turning 16 her dad has been custodial parent but we have joint custody she is refusing to go back there and wants to live ...

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After serving spouse for divorce, what can be done about working spouse who cuts off financial...

... support. Joint checking account is now bouncing all checks.

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Should I take joint pain medication to prevent getting joint pain?

Hi, I am a 15 year old guy. I had one left knee that would often feel painful and would occasionally ...

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I have a horrible grinding joint feeling in my left wrist what can that be??

When I move my wrist side to side up and down I get a really bad popping sound and a nasty ...

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I dont know What I'm suffering from but somethings wrong on my body. Some Symptoms of me are?

... 1.Headache 2.Vomit Sometimes 3.Nose bleeding sometimes 4.Lack on ...

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