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Help me mentally?

I don't know what it is but when I get hurt I laugh. It just doesn't hurt. It feels like someone's tickling me. And I'm not even ...

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I have this problem with laughing at the worst possible time?

I wonder if there’s any reason behind it or if there was a way I could stop. I laugh when I’m angry, sad, telling the truth, or if ...

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Why do people act so stupid?

people always act so crazy they make fun of people thwey laugh then they act like theyb are so good so why do people act so stupid

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I haven't been feeling like myself lately?

Last week I felt like myself; outgoing, hyper, crazy, cute, I just have a alot of personality and I make everyone laugh. At the ...

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Cooperative Yard Sales is NOT A SCAM!!!?

I’ve been reading all kinds of “reports” on the internet about Cooperative Yard Sales being a scam and it makes ...

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How to get a BOY to like you if you're in 5th grade???????????

i'm a 5th grade girl (10years old) and there's this boy who i like. he makes me laugh a lot and i ...

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Creative writing! What do you think!?

“We” We laugh as if the shackles have been lifted from our throats, It seems like we ...

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