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What vehicle documentation do I need to have in order to file my 2018 leased vehicle on my taxes?

If the IRS wants proof, what documents do I need to show them if it’s a brand new car on a lease that has never been filed on taxes before? Any ...

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I am leasing a horse. Does that mean I (sort of..?) own her?

The horses name is Daisy and she is my first lease horse. Can I technically own her? I know I sound stupid but I really don't know what to say ...

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How do I fairly split rent between my roommates?

There are 4 of us planning to sign a 12 month apartment lease. One of the renters does not want to live there for the ...

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PLEASE HELP!!!! Sleep questions for 4 month old and mom!!!!?

I have a four month old who has only been able to sleep between 10pm and 7 am due to our neighbors. We are ...

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Can I be sued by my mothers landlord, even though I am not the rent payer?

He had told me and my mother that in order for me to live there I have to be on the lease ...

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Can I get out of my lease early?

My lease ends on 1st October. I want to move out at the end of July due to leaving the country for a new job. Can I tell my landlord I ...

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