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I’m looking for a song!?

I have heard this song on the radio maybe three times in the last two weeks (February-March 2018). It has a piano in the background and it starts out ...

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No period for 2 months help!?

I came off the pill (cezerette) at the end of march 2012, came on my period on 4th April 2012. I haven't had a period now for 2 months. ...

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Why won't my ex girlfriend leave me alone?

So she broke up with me in March for another guy who dumped her after a week. But during the time that they we dating she ...

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Which games should I play?

I'm a pc gamer.But because of my exam I haven't played any games for more than 8 months. My exam will be over at 18 march. Now i want ...

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Holiday destination for March 2015?

I'm seeking some advice on good holiday destinations for March this year. I live in Australia but am interested in ideas for ...

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Is it possible to purchase a diary starting March 2017?

I desperately need to buy myself a planner/diary for the year ahead as I'm getting lost with too many things ...

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