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How do I choose between 2 crushes?

im a girl and both my crushes are boys im 11 yrs old im in middle school One crush is super smart and the other is cute and funny

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Enrollment at Jackson Middle School increased by 3 percent this year.

Sofia says that the increase, written as a decimal, is 0.3. Is Sofia correct?

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A friend just asked me on a date, I think?????

i just moved to a new middle school and he became one of my only friends. me, him, and two other friends are planning on going to a movie and than he ...

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What are some excuses to not go swimming?

Whts up, I'm in 6th grade and my mom is really over protective and my class is going to a 3 day field trip and they have ...

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Rap Music?

Im in middle school and im obssed with rap music. Im a girl and every other girl listens to pop meanwhile theres me rapping every word to anaconda and rap ...

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How to be popular?

I'm a middle school guy who needs help. I have been unpopular for a very long time. I have friends, but they're literally the only guys in ...

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Can I attend to school that is not my assigned address school?

So I am middle school student, soon I have to go to high school but my school that is assigned for my ...

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Will it ever happen?

Im in middle school, and I know.Liking people and dating in middle school is completely pathetic and stupid.But well..i just kinda get worried if no ...

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