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Moved from Washington State to Texas?

I recently moved from Washington state to Texas, and I’ve set a DMV appointment to turn in my Washington license and get a Texas one. I also ...

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What was the date the ASPCA moved from Brooklyn?

The ASPCA moved from their Brooklyn location in 1979. What is the actual date that they moved?

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Does this girl at my school like me PLEASE HELP!!!?

Ok so this girl at my school that I have known 3 years probably thinks I'm weird! Before I moved away last year ...

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I'm missing my crush and don't know what to do. Please help!?

My crush moved back to Australia. I'm still missing him, but haven't seen him in months. I get ...

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How serious is my FWB when he said "I love you?"?

I have a boyfriend of 4 years and i wanna believe i love him and we gonna end up together. Not until a year ago when i ...

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How do I meet new ppl?

I just moved to a new town and know no one here. Just looking for some friends, but not completely sure how. The city is Orlando, fl, and I'm ...

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Why am I speechless when it comes to boys? Can you relate too?

So today I met a really cute boy who moved in next door to me, and he said hi to me and my best ...

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