Ok so this girl at my school that I have known 3 years probably thinks I'm weird! Before I moved away last year my crush and I were kind of friends until we started to text each other over fb! This is how it happened, she asked who I liked in my old class and I told her this because she never had a bf before "U!! I hope this is does not change or friendship or this doesn't get weird!!" This was her response: "Oh a wow! Not at all!! I don't have a crush on anyone though." But I think she was just kidding because she always used to stare at me and try to touch me. Ok so anyway when I moved back we never talked again because this new guy came and she started crushing on him!! When summer break came up we went in the same overnight camp and all of her friends were there too and I was alone! Then suddenly her friends started daring her to sit next to me and talk to me and they all started giggling! Then I thought that she kind of had a crush on me again because she kept on staring at me, touching me, smiling when I walked by her and stuff like that! Then the next day this girl in our class that has a crush on me (not her friend) sat next to me and asked my crush to sit next to her because it looks a little weird sitting next to me alone and my crushes friend said this to me “I hope u don’t come to this camp next year I can´t enjoy this camp with some freak sitting in the corner of the room” And then my crush said this “Whatever I did that once because my best friend dared me, but she is not here anymore is she!" In front of me! Does this girl like me?! Please help!!