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Gap’O has projected sales of 325,000 hospital gowns in October. Each gown requires 2.5 yards of?

... fabric. Th e beginning inventory of fabric and gowns, respectively, are 5,000 yards and 21,000 gowns. Gap’O wants to have 4,550 yards of ...

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Hulu Chicago Hawks vs St. Louis Blues not available on Hulu on October 6th?

Could not see NBC Chicago SN or NHL Hockey or NBC Sports Chicago

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Am I being haunted?

My fiancé and I bought a trailer in October, we moved it above his moms house since we moved in, we've heard what sounds like tin falling ...

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Safe sex?well what is safe sex,I lost my virginity and now I am parnoid,what if I get pregnant?

Well me and my boyfriend decided it was time. We've been with each ...

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My best friend has cancer?

My best friend in the entire world was diagnosed with leukimia in december. She's going to be in hospital until October. Now, at school i ...

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Can I get on birth control with out my parents finding out?

I am 16 years old. I am going to be 17 on October 20. I live with my mom in Maine . I have sex frequently so I ...

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I cant tell if I love him? help?

i fell in love with this guy in october and he liked me too. we were 'together' and everything was fine until i stopped liking ...

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