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Am I being haunted?

My fiancé and I bought a trailer in October, we moved it above his moms house since we moved in, we've heard what sounds like tin falling ...

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My lymph node is swollen and the pain is spreading?

so around October 16th I noticed my cervicle lymph node(s) on the right side of my neck start to swell. Well, it went down some after about 3 weeks ...

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That song that played at Kohl’s Department Store?

Before they entered holiday mode with the songlist, I’d say up until the end of October at least they were still playing this one song I ...

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Safe sex?well what is safe sex,I lost my virginity and now I am parnoid,what if I get pregnant?

Well me and my boyfriend decided it was time. We've been with each ...

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My best friend has cancer?

My best friend in the entire world was diagnosed with leukimia in december. She's going to be in hospital until October. Now, at school i ...

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Can I get on birth control with out my parents finding out?

I am 16 years old. I am going to be 17 on October 20. I live with my mom in Maine . I have sex frequently so I ...

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I cant tell if I love him? help?

i fell in love with this guy in october and he liked me too. we were 'together' and everything was fine until i stopped liking ...

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Do I love him?

Ive loved this guy since october and i REALLY liked him. he told me he liked me then i told him how i felt. we both liked each other. A long time later i ...

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