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What can I do about a dangerous person staying in a domestic violence shelter with me?

I'm currently staying in a DV shelter with my child and another person here is severely mentally ill. She is delusional, paranoid and very ...

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Am I hallucinating or simply being paranoid?

It has come to my attention recently that I keep frequently hearing things that others don’t - although, this does tend to happen more when I ...

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Why do I (F, 30) sound masculine to only myself?

When I hear a recording of my voice, I sound masculine, but everyone else tells me I sound feminine. Am I just paranoid?

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Is my wife cheating on me?

I have suspicions of my wife cheating, and I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or right, so I hope this helps you see my dilemma. A ...

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Help me please...?

im 15 and ive been self harming since i was 5. cutting since i was 10. i took an online test and it says i probably have dependant personaltiy ...

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Love - How do I stop thinking about my boyfriend?

I mean we both love eachother. It's just that he lives an hour away from me, and I think about him every minute of ...

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Am I Pregnant??????????

"On January 19th, I stroked my boyfriend for about 10 minutes then I stopped. He was wet but he didn't ejaculate, it was probably ...

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Why am I getting these paranoid feelings?

Hi, I’m sixteen years of age and ever since I was 7/8 years old I often get this feeling that I have to do something ...

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