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How come I can't change insurance to the state I moved? They keep telling me my truck is commercial?

I moved to Texas from Oklahoma, I have progressive insurance and liability on my pickup. When I tried to change my insurance to Texas they said my ...

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What do I look like ? Mayan, Aztec ,inca?

I'm a light brown Mexican american as you know not all Mexicans are brown . I would like to know . Can I add pics here

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My Mac pics all have little exclamation point in the right hand corner because my iCloud pics...

...aren’t apparently downloaded. It tries to load when I click it but continuously comes back with an error. What do I do because it ...

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Will a failed snapchat still send automatically after wifi is switched on?

I sent a snap to the wrong person but I immediately switched off the wifi before it could send. ...

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Can I see when someone screenshots my "profile pic" on Snapchat or is this just for "normal snaps"?

With profile pic I mean the picture series that shows up next to a ...

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How do you call this thing?

I'm not enlish, so I would like to know, how do you call those things, that the person have in hands: ...

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