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The perimeter of a rectangle picture frame can be represented by the expression by, where x is one?

of the side lengths. Rewrite the expression as the sum of the four side lengths.

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I found that my boyfriend has sent a naked picture of himself to another guy, please help?

I went through his phone and seen he had been reading forums on sexuality and ...

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Why won't soundcloud let me change my profile picture?

Okay, So I went to my profile and clicked on edit and then "choose new image" then it brings up my ...

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What does a boy mean when he says your Pictures Nice?

Uhmm, Sooo Like i sent him a picture and he texted back "Nice"... What is that suspossed to mean..? It was ...

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Does a necklace with the virgin mary on it mean anything?

i was playing with a friend in the park beside a church and in front of a catholic shcool and on a picnak table ...

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Should I contact a long lost sister that I recently found on facebook who may not know I exist?

In 1971, my mother became pregnant with me when she was 19. My biological ...

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