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What will happen if I don’t eat + take a weight loss pill?

I want to water fast for a week and take a fat burner pill to get my weight loss journey going. Will anything bad happen to me??

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3 week long period?

I have had my period for three weeks I got my implanon out a week ago and started using the pill the day I got it out my period has made no effort to ...

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I swallowed a mandarin seed?

I am worried because i swallowed a mandarin seen and that i may get mandarins growing inside me? Does anyone know if the contraceptive pill ...

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How much weight would I lose if I stopped eating for a week. Plus I'm taking diet pills?

I dont care if its not healthy or not. I have to lose the weight...

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Is Mad Xience a scam?

I started taking this new MadXience workout and cognitive improvement pill. It just makes me feel sick and hasn't done anything despite me ...

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Can anyone or anything help us avoid, resolve or cope with problems?

There are self help books, psych doctors, pills and potions. None of these have been a solution for ...

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