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Are there health insurance plans that cost less than $250/mo and have a max out of pocket under $3k?

Trying to decide if i should get my acl surgery done with my current insurance, which would just come down to my $6750 max out of pocket, or get ...

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The cost fix a minor crack on Moto e4 plus phone?

Today it slipped from my pocket and it has a crack. It's not that big of a crack because of my glass screen protector but it's still ...

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What would Tupac/ Drake/ Rihanna be carrying in their pockets? be creative?

For a project I am doing. be creative.

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Which mobile phone is better plz?

which better? LG E405 Optimus L3 (2line) (WiFi) (Android) Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Samsung Galaxy Pocket Samsung Galaxy Y Huawei Gaga ...

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I didn't mean to?

Im 11 and I accidently stole a pack of gum I didn't mean to I put it in my pocket cuz I was going to put it back but when I was checking out I ...

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My iphone 5 unexpectedly shut down after me being outside when it was cold. I didnt drop it!?

i had my iphone 5 in my pocket while i was outside, but it was cold and ...

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Problem - a man has no money. he borrow 1000 rupees from friend .he also borrow 500 another friend.?

... total borrow 1500. he loss 1000 from pocket .now he has 500 ...

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Love - I was on an elevator with 2 other guys.1 of the guys was close up to the doors and when he?

... got off, the guy left with me reached in his pocket and started ...

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