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MSNBC - My daughter is a child Psychologist with potential exposure to Coronavirus?

My daughter is a child psychologist. She is seeing children that attended two schools where students were tested positive for Coronavirus. The ...

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Why do I feel sad out of nowhere?

I'm usually a very happy person. And then I'll just think about something sad or scary and I usually won't get over it for weeks at a ...

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I have little to no emotion? Why is this? I am always called cold-hearted?

I don't really know what is going on anymore and no way am I going to a psychologist. ...

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Can a School Psychologist work at a school and at a counseling service?

I believe the answer is yes, but I wanted to know for sure. I want to become a school ...

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Do you think the psychologist can help me?

I'm no good making friends and I'm way better off alone. I feel sad and it's like there's a hole where my ...

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What courses should I take at college if I want to become a clinical psychologist?

I'm at the stage where i have to choose my courses but i don't know which ...

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