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A lighter heavy clay timber type soil that has been in a corn soybean rotation for several...

... years, then used as a truck patch. What makes the surface of the soil have a red or rust color after a rain and the soil surface dries?

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Lme statistics. (could someone please interpret this for me in lme)?

model1<-lme(yield~nitro,random=~1|Block,data=data2[data2$Variety=="Golden Rain",],method="ML") #ML=log-likelihood is maximized ...

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Why do earthworms come out in the rain?

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Simple math question !!!?

1) a dam has 27000000 litres of rain water. water is running out at the rate of 90000 litres per day. find an equation that describes the ...

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What is acid rain?

what is acid rain , what is the normal ph level of rain , what turns it from that into acid rain . what ph levels have been recorded for acid rain

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Math question?

If it rain 20% of the time out of 60 day, how many days did it not rain?

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