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Hogs drowning in North Carolina CAFO'S?

Why is no one reporting on the hogs drowning in north carolina cafo's. Cruelty and have the rains over flowed the feces pits to send this filth ...

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Can mold spores be cleaned from furniture fabric?

I live in an apartment where mold looks to be traveling down my bedroom wall from so much rain caused by last year's hurricane. Since I'm ...

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Why do earthworms come out in the rain?

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Simple math question !!!?

1) a dam has 27000000 litres of rain water. water is running out at the rate of 90000 litres per day. find an equation that describes the ...

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What is acid rain?

what is acid rain , what is the normal ph level of rain , what turns it from that into acid rain . what ph levels have been recorded for acid rain

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Math question?

If it rain 20% of the time out of 60 day, how many days did it not rain?

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