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What are the hazards/risks of trimming a goats hooves and how can these be managed? thanks?

What are the hazards of trimming a goats hooves, who will be harmed and how can the risks be managed?

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Identify ten (10) risks associated with learning experiences?

13. Identify ten (10) risks associated with learning experiences and suggest available safety measures that minimise these risks for children and ...

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Is there a way for a 12 year old to lose weight?

i am going throw puberty and my doctor said as you go threw it you tend to eat alot more and you gain weight and my ...

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Hello I am a christian who prays for my son who commited suicide I ask that God finds him not guilty

... because he was so screwed up and did not know what he was ...

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Teen at risk?

Okay, im 15 years old and I live in North Carolina. Two years ago, i moved in with my aunt and uncle to get away from my mother who was heavy on drugs. I ...

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I'm a kid how do I get a man to be in a relationship with me I'm 11 but I'm gay and not out yet?

I know your probably gonna say you're too young but I am ready for ...

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