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Should I speak to him about this, or let it go?

This morning, I got home at 5.30 from a sleep study at the hospital. I entered the apartment quietly so as to not disturb my roommate. Just as I got ...

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What’s the best tape for sticking to textured brick walls?

Me and my roommate are trying to decorate are dorm because it’s pretty bland compared to everyone else. So we got Christmas lights because ...

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My roommate hasnt been home in over 2 weeks. do I have to evict her or is she moved out?

not really a "roommate" but my aunt. weve been trying to evict her for ...

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My roommate and her boyfriend are attached at the hip and they haven't even been going out a year.?

... I'm the only single girl in my apartment and my roommates ...

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Should I tell my RA that my roommate is drunk?

It is a dry campus because it is a Christian university. My roommate came back and told me she was drunk and to not take ...

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Can breathing in gecko feces make me sick?

I have a roommate who has 10 geckos in tiny plastic cages in our shared bathroom. She feeds them once a month and never cleans ...

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How do I fairly split rent between my roommates?

There are 4 of us planning to sign a 12 month apartment lease. One of the renters does not want to live there for the ...

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