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Job offer?

so I got a job offer from USPS. I accepted and have orientation Saturday. Today I got another job offer from USPS THAT I really wanted. Didn't ...

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So I have a new job and I have been doing saturdays at my old job just incase it didn't work out. I?

... dont wanna do Saturdays anymore but im not sure how this new job is going. Should i ask my new boss or just quit or just wait a few more weeks?

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Can someone help me I'm confused!!?

if i woke up at saturday at 6 in the morning what time and day would be in Japan? OR if i woke up at Friday at 6 in the morning what time and day ...

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What's a funny way to get back at this guy that's trying to play me and another girl lol?

So this player, been wheeling me for a while, friends with my sisters boyfriend, ...

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Whats going on?

... Me and my bf had sex saturday for the first time{im nt a virgin thou}when we were doing it I felt a really uncomfy pain a horrible sharp but dull ...

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He asked for my number but didn't text me yet?

So I went to a birthday party on saturday and most of the people were guys and I only knew like 2 people. Then this one guy ...

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What do you sell at a lemonade stand besides lemonade??

I am doing a lemonade stand on Saturday ( In Billings, MT. On the West end of Rimrock Road in the middle, on the ...

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All the navy girls are sluts? Is that true?

I'm Japanese and have a navy boyfriend and we are together for a month. He stayed at my house Friday & Saturday ...

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