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I'm 14 and want to be an actress?

I'm 14. My life long dream is to be an actress and be known in the world, but I know how difficult the industry is. I'm scared that ...

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Hello umm Im not sure how to say this but Im 13 but I didn't really have intercourse?

i wasn't penetrated but im scared to tell my family cause it was with my cousin it happened 2 days ago and i deeply regret it and have been so ...

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Im afraid to kiss my boyfriend. What if I mess up?

ive never kissed anyone yet and im scared to kiss, i feel free that ive never kissed anyone but i also want to. my ...

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Unknown number keeps calling my cell phone?

im really scared. first off i got 5 call from a number i didnt recongnize but i knew it was from my town. i didnt call back. ...

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How do I ask my cousin to have sex with me?

im straight but i want to experience having sex with someone i know and i want to ask my cousin but im scared and nervous and ...

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I had sex with my boyfriend without a condom but we stopped after two thrusts.. neither of us had?

... came but im still scared because i was a virgin, is there any ...

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Ok so I am scared of dying, not like I think i'm just gonna die any second, and I'm only in high school but every time I think about just dying of old ...

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