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What are the things you do to find your true self?

Have you woke up one day realizing you don't know yourself anymore, or you just feel so lost about life? What are the things you do to overcome ...

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Should I skip out on this Scholarship?

So my dumb self who been reading the instructions to this scholarship multiple times for a few days now, contacted the people who's hosting it ...

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I am 14 male Im 5'11'' and weight 87 kg and yet I still see my self as small.

What can I do make myself taller?

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How do you get a guy to notice you without talking to him?

Well the title is pretty self explanatory.... please answer I'm quite shy and need good advice :))

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Female advice?

are girls bothered by big ears, because I'm self-conscious about this?

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How do I get self confidence?

I have little to no self esteem despite being one, if not, the best in my grade level. I have friends and a good life, it's just that I ...

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Why do people think its cool to make self harm jokes?

my friend Amanda cuts and she has thought about suiside, she says she wants to go to a suicide asslylum. her bf is ...

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