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Can anyone help?

I’ve been a nurse for 10 years and am desperate to leave. I get nothing out of it and feel like I’m wasting my self. I worked up to a ...

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If I have been paying 30 percent tax for a year can I claim some of that back? I'm self employed...

... and sub-contracting through a company who take tax from my wages each week.

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What to do with a friend faking depression?

I recently told my friends, including her, that I was depressed. Suddenly 3 days later my friend has everything I have and self harms in the same way ...

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How do you get a guy to notice you without talking to him?

Well the title is pretty self explanatory.... please answer I'm quite shy and need good advice :))

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Female advice?

are girls bothered by big ears, because I'm self-conscious about this?

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How do I get self confidence?

I have little to no self esteem despite being one, if not, the best in my grade level. I have friends and a good life, it's just that I ...

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Why do people think its cool to make self harm jokes?

my friend Amanda cuts and she has thought about suiside, she says she wants to go to a suicide asslylum. her bf is ...

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