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What should I do in this situation?

So I sort of want to do a cosplay of this one series and make a funny YouTube video. You need more than one person. A few of my friends like the ...

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Scary Episode?

So I am trying to track down an episode of a series that is similar to A Haunting, where they retell hauntings, actors play it out and it is ...

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Finding the name of an old movie?

There is this movie or tv series from the 80s about a group of children near a lake that find an ancient device that was put there by the ancients. ...

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What is the Naruto manga character and who created it?

Is a Naruto a series?

7 answers | | Resolved

What does it mean if you see double, triple, and quadruple numbers almost everyday?

I see a series of numbers almost everyday on clocks, license plates, bus numbers, ...

4 answers | | Open

Need a name for a theatre production?

i am currently writing a play to do with a soldier and his mental decline during a series of meetings with a sicologist and i need a ...

8 answers | | Open

My daughters are into the Percy Jackson series and they're wondering if the gods are real or not?

My daughters (aged 9 and 11) are into the Percy Jackson series and ...

13 answers | | Open

What is a good action and sci-fi anime?

I'm new to anime and I want an anime series that has action in it and has some sci-fi in it like magic or something. It also ...

12 answers | | Open

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