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A lighter heavy clay timber type soil that has been in a corn soybean rotation for several...

... years, then used as a truck patch. What makes the surface of the soil have a red or rust color after a rain and the soil surface dries?

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What should I plant in a light shaded butterfly garden in Georgia?

I live in GA so the soil is tougher than normal and it's hotter. I have a limited amount of light shade space (mostly it would have to be in ...

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Why do earthworms come out in the rain?

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Where is loamy soil found?

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Popular use of which of the following fertilizers increases the acidity of soil?

options:- 1) potassium nitrate 2) ammonium sulphate 3) urea 4) superphosphate of lime

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What is the meaning of euedaphic?

'...species react to wet, mild winters with increased activity, and can relocate to the soil surface, including euedaphic species ...

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