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Does the Holy Spirit have to be present for Salvation?

Will the Holy Spirit leave us at some point?

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How would one become a vengeful spirit?

How would one become a vengeful spirit and why would they want to be one?

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Marks/symbols appearing on skin after astral projection?

This morning, i astral projected. After coming back to full body awareness, i had a hot shower. I dried myself ...

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Why did your God protect Cain and let him live?

Why is your God a jealous God? I believe Cain was the start of your God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit’ true people. Cain ...

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Hi do spirits talk about heaven?

do they say what it is like do we see loved ones do we meet god and jesus. there is talk of reincarnation i dont believe in this do they ...

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Haunted by a ouiji board help!!?

My friends and I used a Ouiji board for the first time last night. First we asked if there were any spirits here, it said YES. We asked ...

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