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Help my teacher thinks I like him?

my teacher thinks I like him and it's soo awkward he stares at me during class( i never talk in class and one time he said students ...

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Having issues talking to a girl?

Normally I am able to talk to any girl I see an interest in, but this time its different. I've never actually met this girl we just constantly ...

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Why when I stare at something, I see two of the object I'm looking at?

It has happened to me in alot of places. When I look at an object, I see two of it? I think it's weird or something to do with my vision. When I ...

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Why do I think I'm ugly?

a lot of people call me pretty and all that i mean guy stare (sometimes it gets a little creepy) and come up to me and tell me i'm pretty i ...

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Guys - this guy that I liked at skool.btw he was a senior and I am a junior.and normally I wouldnt?

... fall for this type of guy cuz he is a playboy. and i just dont ...

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Does he like me?

ok there is this cute boy in my class and everyone says he has a crush on me but I'm not for sure and I'm shy but he constantly stares at me

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People at my school stare at my and most times girls and I don't know if it's good or bad?

I'm a 6th grade and I really don't like it when adults stare at me ...

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Why do people stare?

Is it normal? Lately I've noticed lots of people stare at me, even other people have pointed it out. Sometimes I have to wonder if theres ...

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