i like this guy and his name is Jacks He is in my social studies class and stares at me a lot only in that class though. everyone knew my last crush i was wondering why he was staring at me and i thought that's the reason why and i faked liked him before and he like looked at me a lot then that was 2 months ago though. and he looks my direction in class and at me idk if he's looking at me because i'm looking at him or what it is. but he tripped my friend in pe and said im so sorry but i don't think he meant it but he also yells her name in class sometimes its weird. And he might think im looking at him because he either got in trouble with a teacher or was being annoying. i wanted him to like me so i was just annoying and bad but a few weeks after i stopped liking him i got put next to him in a class and we hated it at first and we still hated it but he tried to make me laugh and it was weird but i like him for real this time and WHAT IS IT????? HOW DO I MAKE HIM NOTICE/LIKE ME????

i also have this other boy that is like one of my friend's friend and he started looking at me a couple weeks ago like in social studies and everywhere. I have 4 classes with him and idk what it is i could ask my friend but she's mad at me right now so i can't and idk if he was looking at me because of my last crush everyone knew but BTW i don't like him anymore. but yeah a lot of boys stare at me but he stares at me the most. WHY DO YOU THINK HE IS LOOKING AT ME????