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If my dad took my grandfathers inheritance for me and stuck it in a ira account can I get access?

My dad locked my grandpas inheritance from me in a unknown ira account and never showed me paperwork claims I can't get it until I'm 50 and ...

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What do I cover an area of mud that our dogs often run through and get muddy?

We are looking for something that won't get stuck in their hair. So they don't bring it inside.

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Boogers stuck to L shaped nose ring, help??!!?

A bit detailed & gross but I have some small booger crust (kinda gooey) wrapped around the bent part of my L shaped ...

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I am stuck in my room because the door knob lock is broken or stuck and I cant get out? help?

I don't know how it happened but the lock is stuck or broken and I am ...

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Being my own friend?

the most difficult thing about this is being alone. right now i feel i'm stuck in rut. i do have friends but usually i can only see them on ...

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Please read whole thing! Condom was stuck in my vagina all night and I didn't even know it?

Hi! okay... so weirdest thing happened last night. First off before I ask ...

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