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How do you get a crayon out of nose?

My son got a crayon stuck in his nose. How do I get it out?

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I have a 1988 Kawasaki 650SX and why does it porpose at 30mph is it prop or drive shafts?

I did run over a cable and got it stuck in prop. It only does it at 30mph and above?

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I can get in my gmail account and write a message but it won't send. It is like stuck?

It won't respond when I hit the send button. Never had this happen before. Any ideas?

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I am stuck in my room because the door knob lock is broken or stuck and I cant get out? help?

I don't know how it happened but the lock is stuck or broken and I am ...

6 answers | | Open

Being my own friend?

the most difficult thing about this is being alone. right now i feel i'm stuck in rut. i do have friends but usually i can only see them on ...

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Please read whole thing! Condom was stuck in my vagina all night and I didn't even know it?

Hi! okay... so weirdest thing happened last night. First off before I ask ...

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Boogers stuck to L shaped nose ring, help??!!?

A bit detailed & gross but I have some small booger crust (kinda gooey) wrapped around the bent part of my L shaped ...

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