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In Bankland the banks are closed on two consecutive days, but not Saturday and Sunday.

You can deposit and check with the cashier or, when the banks are closed, at the box outside the bank. Check processing always starts on the first ...

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I haven’t used my 2017-2018 Sat Registration this year, can I use it for 2017-2018?

So I was busy doing my AP Test and the Sat slipped my mind. I’m going to have to mail it since I’m Sunday testing, but it also includes a ...

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I had a bad tattoo done 2 days ago on Sunday. The studio want me to get a cover up done on it today?

It is only just scanning but apparently that’s not a problem

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Being my own friend?

the most difficult thing about this is being alone. right now i feel i'm stuck in rut. i do have friends but usually i can only see them on ...

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If you had 1 million dollars would you donate it? 1) Yes 2) It depends 3) No 4) I'd split it?

I would like to have at least 50 answers by Sunday January 10. I need this ...

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What's a funny way to get back at this guy that's trying to play me and another girl lol?

So this player, been wheeling me for a while, friends with my sisters boyfriend, ...

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When is the world ending with zombies or meteor?

i hear people talking that the world's gonna end in 2012 or more years with the zombies.(im new logged in this ...

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Do you think Im in the wrong?

On a sunday around 10am my boyfriend hit me in the side of my head,shoulder and pulled out my hair over me hurting my daughter when removing ...

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