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I haven’t used my 2017-2018 Sat Registration this year, can I use it for 2017-2018?

So I was busy doing my AP Test and the Sat slipped my mind. I’m going to have to mail it since I’m Sunday testing, but it also includes a ...

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I had a bad tattoo done 2 days ago on Sunday. The studio want me to get a cover up done on it today?

It is only just scanning but apparently that’s not a problem

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90s Sundays news paper?

Does anybody remember in the 90s in the Sunday news paper that had a sheet of CD or record advertisement stamps that has the numbers on the bottom of ...

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Being my own friend?

the most difficult thing about this is being alone. right now i feel i'm stuck in rut. i do have friends but usually i can only see them on ...

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If you had 1 million dollars would you donate it? 1) Yes 2) It depends 3) No 4) I'd split it?

I would like to have at least 50 answers by Sunday January 10. I need this ...

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What's a funny way to get back at this guy that's trying to play me and another girl lol?

So this player, been wheeling me for a while, friends with my sisters boyfriend, ...

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When is the world ending with zombies or meteor?

i hear people talking that the world's gonna end in 2012 or more years with the zombies.(im new logged in this ...

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Do you think Im in the wrong?

On a sunday around 10am my boyfriend hit me in the side of my head,shoulder and pulled out my hair over me hurting my daughter when removing ...

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