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What is Retinal Hole Laser Treatment?

Retinal hole laser treatment, also known as laser photocoagulation, is a type of eye surgery that is used to treat small holes or tears in the ...

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What are the benefits of Retina surgery?

Retina surgery is a type of surgical procedure that treats various conditions affecting the retina, which is the layer of tissue at the back of the ...

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Is it safe to Read and watch TV after the Surgery?

People also wonder if they can read and watch tv after the surgery. The answer depends on the severity and outcome of the retinal detachment surgery. ...

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What is Cosmetic Surgery?

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What will happen if I undergo plastic surgery to raise my nose when I have a chin that juts out?

i'm an asian girl and i'm extremely consious about my ...

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Muscle Pain after Back Surgery?

I had surgery on my L4 and L5. I had it fused and screwed. one of the screws was touching a nerve which resulted in nerve pain all down my ...

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Mole Removal Process?

I'm getting a mole on my back removed. its about a cm, the lady at the clinic said they would probably have to take at least 3 cm of skin. I ...

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Did millie bobby brown from stranger things get her ears pinned back?

Just something I've noticed, because I've actually had the surgery myself (ears ...

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