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One of my best friends has been mistreated by my other close friend, but they are nice. What to do?

Friend A, who has been mistreated, is nice to me but a bit toxic sometimes, and everyone says so too. I never stand up for myself because they ...

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Should I cut my mother out of my life? So many people tell me she's toxic?

My mother and I get into fights more often than not. She has a really bad control issue and I have really bad anxiety. If she loses control of a ...

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How to help someone out of a toxic relationship?

Okay, so my friend has been with her boyfriend for a little over 4 years now, and they aren't exactly the most functional couple. He is very ...

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I’m in a toxic relationship with one of my really depressed friends but I’m scared to leave?

I’m friends with someone who is clinically depressed. I’m ...

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Will a helium balloon pop if I write on it with a permanent marker?

i dont dare to write because i scared it might pop-ed since permanent marker has some ingredients of ...

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Which of the following best describes uric acid?

A. toxic than ammonia, leaves body through excretory pores B. more toxic than ammonia, leaves the body through the ...

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My question is regarding toxic family member who is sucking my and family life. I am a 26 year?

... old man staying with my family. My family consists of me , my ...

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Is rust harmful to be near me or on my clothes?

So I'm a costume maker, and I got some rust on gloves I made. I washed it out pretty well but there's still a ...

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