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Keep feeling bladder when I move. Buzzing feeling. Sticks out (underwear). Turning 21 in August.

It has been happening since Jan 12. Also, when I went swimming on the 21st, it kept sticking out & I have been told this is to do with wet ...

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I'm looking for a music video set in a launderette about a girl trying to get a guy's attention?

She does her laundry in her underwear trying to get his attention

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What color are my underwear?

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Can I get pregnant through pre-cum?

My boyfriend and I were dry humping on Friday. We both had out underwear on and he didn't ejaculate. It could've just been ...

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Can you get pregnant from dry humping fully clothed?

My and my boyfriend were making out the other night. Things got heated. We were both fully clothed (him wearing a top ...

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My friend is worrying me?

my friend calls me girly names and wants me to go shopping with her since she found out i wear womens clothes , i showed her my pink underwear ...

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Is he cheats on me?

I found white stuff on his underwear. It looks like semen. Does this mean he have done something behind my back. Is it possible he slept with someone ...

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