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How to take a mini vacation at a friend's house?

I'm a kid, and I want to take a mini vacation over the weekend. I would be going alone, but definitely not out of town, and I'd be going to ...

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How do we get out of debt?

Husband and I made $190,000 last year. Make make about the same every year. We don't buy or do anything extravagant. Our vacation. Last year was ...

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Is it weird that I can open y eyes and respond to questions while Im asleep? (My mom told me I do)?

So we where away on vacation and apperently when my mom asked me a question i opened my eyes and answered and my eyes stayed open for like 3 ...

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What is a good place to go on vacation and have fun?

Some friends and i just graduated high school and are wanting a "one last time" trip and wanted to go ...

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Should I go to my daughters wedding?

I'll try to keep to the facts. I have very little money, no real vacation time. My daughters getting married in Oregon and I am ...

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Boyfriend is down after 2 bad vacations?

Its been 4 weeks and we he had some bad luck at work and ended up going back school and doing something totally else but he keeps ...

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Whats your dream vacation home?

What are the most important features to you when searching for or staying in a single family vacation home abroad? Location, safety, ...

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