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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies?

I been trying to figure out what these medal looking things are that is on the zombie map select screen. I have one for The Giant, but that's ...

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Do touch screen laptops work for making zombie maps?

You Know how you can place walls and floors and ceilings i was wondering if you can use a touch screen laptop to let you touch the floor and move it ...

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My black ops disc won't load the maps nuke town and the zombie map five It freezes in loading screen

Yesturday I played nuketown and it didn't freeze and zombie map ...

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When is the world ending with zombies or meteor?

i hear people talking that the world's gonna end in 2012 or more years with the zombies.(im new logged in this ...

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I been having a same nightmare for 3 weeksis this bad what does this mean?

Its always the same me and mom together as zombies attack and its starting to get to me. I keep ...

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Could we ever have a zombie appocalyps?

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Who is Dr. Frankenstein? Who is Igor? Who is Victor? Who is the zombie frankenstein?

I've never read or seen any movies relating to this, and I'd appreciate if ...

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