Not the title of the song but a refrain. It is not the Kylie M. song. It is part of a science fiction film sound track. Note that this movie was on film so I am deducing that the song is from the 70s/80s. The singer was female and by genre: rock/pop.

On October 9, 2019 I had the tv tuned to the Clearview Broadcasting channel on Roku. I was not watching the movie but cleaning house when I heard the song I am seeking. I went to the tv and waited for the soundtrack credits. I assumed the title of the song would be "Say the Word" or something similar but it was not. Because the movie was streaming live I was unable to replay credits. I have tried to find a program schedule for Clearview but have been unable to. (They may not publish one.) I have searched "lyric" search engines with no results.

My last detail is that this song is of such high quality I do not understand why I have not heard it before. As a child of the 70/80s and a music junkie, I should have heard this--but have not. I fear that the soundtrack was copywritten with the movie. It may be that I need to find the movie. Nonetheless, any input you provide will be much appreciated.