Asking the right questions when visiting a breeder is crucial! Here are a few must-ask questions to help you make an informed decision:

Health History: When you're visiting a breeder, don't hesitate to ask about the health history of the puppy's parents. You'll want to know if any health issues could be passed down. It's like checking the car's history before buying it!

Vaccinations and Deworming: It's important to ask about vaccinations and deworming. You want to make sure your new pup is protected against diseases. It's like making sure your buddy has his armor on!

Socialization: Don't forget to ask about socialization. Puppies need to meet the world, just like we do! Ask if the puppies have been exposed to different people, sounds, and experiences. It's like asking if your pup has been to puppy parties!

Diet and Care: It's like asking if your puppy has his menu. Find out what the puppies are eating and how they're taken care of. You want a pup who's been raised with love and good grub!

Parent Temperament: Just like meeting your future in-laws, meeting the pup's parents is important. Ask about their temperament and behavior. It can give you an idea of what your pup might be like!

Genetic Health Testing: This is like doing a background check on your pup's genes. Ask if they've done any genetic health testing on the parents. Healthy parents usually mean healthy pups!

Puppy Socialization: Social skills matter! Ask if the pups have been around other dogs and people. Social pups usually turn into friendly, well-adjusted adults.

Contract and Guarantees: It's like reading the fine print before signing up for something. Ask about any contracts or guarantees they have for the puppy's health and well-being.

Breeder's Experience: Experience counts! Ask the Australian Shepherd breeders in Colorado about their experience with the breed. You'll feel better knowing they're not just winging it.

References: It's like checking reviews before trying a new restaurant. Ask for references from people who've already gotten puppies from them. Happy customers mean a good breeder!