On my boyfriend's birthday he lost a close relative - it was out of the blue and very shocking. Boyfriend is not only grieving over his loss and the fact that he probably can't be at the funeral (due to extreme weather), but shocked by how this healthy person passed and also he is disappointed that his loved one passed just a few months before I was supposed to meet him. We have been dating a year and half, live together, and I am showing support through affection, time with him, talking, listening, etc. Because he likes when I give him cards and things I want to give a sympathy gift, but it is a unique situation. Websites have cheap-looking trinkets that sit on your mantel and remind you someone died - he wouldn't want that, and no one has boyfriend-friendly sympathy gifts. Any ideas? Men: what would you have liked from your girlfriend after the death of a close loved one? Note: nothing can be delivered to his work so it is limited to home.