My friend's wife wanted me to have sex with her. After numerous rejections, on my part, his wife and my ex best friend now want nothing to do with me. The 3 of us got pretty tight over a 2 year period. Now our relationship is virtually non existent and it was sudden, without provocation on my part. They are awesome people but there has always been something a bit strange about them.

The thing is he is extremely jealous and conservative. She is very freaky and hyper-sexual, as am I. From some of the research that I have done, it's actually more common then you would think for married couple to bring someone else into the bedroom to 'keep things fresh'. (Ewww!)

I know, in detail, many of her sexual preferences. We discussed it often. She knows a lot of mine. We would talk like BF/GF, which was wrong on my part and the only mistake I ever made. I looked at her husband as way more then a friend. I looked at him as MY BROTHER and my family and honestly thought it was harmless (I talk to my siblings and their significant others about my sex life and vice versa).

I am single. They have been married for 18 yrs. She never asked me directly- there was lots of sexual innuendos. She complains her sex life is boring. They even went as far as to offer me to live with them. She has be caught, by her husband (my ex best friend), talking to me on the phone while she was naked! I recently got out of a long term relationship but I always had the feeling that they wanted to swing. When my ex became my ex, the innuendos didn't stop! Her sexual aggression became worse. That's when my friend dropped me! He recently got into a huge confrontation with her and asked her if we had sex. (which we didn't!)

I know, as a fact, through a mutual friend, that they have been swingers in the past. This mutual friend has known him for 10 years and he and his wife have been directly offered. They were way more ambiguous with me and my ex.

I never reciprocated any innuendos. As a matter of fact, I repeatedly told her that nothing would EVER happen between us since I look at her husband as MY BROTHER. I never led her on in any way. Now I lost my best friend which hurts me deep down. (But for the sake of his marriage I backed off). I don't know what he knows and what he doesn't.

Please share some advice or wisdom! Should I keep trying to be their friend or just let it go? I honestly love them like family. Would you tell your friend how shady his wife has been? Would you have the conversation and explain what went down? If so, how would you have the convo so that he believes you over wifey? Would you pursue the friendship or let it die? We were like BROTHERS and I HONESTLY feel like I did nothing wrong! Now I'm left without a great friend and hes thinking I did something with his wife!

I feel like screaming!