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Matchstick Men Bathroom Threat Scene?

In Matchstick Men, in the bathroom scene where Angela is threatening Roy into teaching her a con, she begins to tell him about when she went home ...

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Am I protected?

Last week on a Saturday my pill strip ended. That night I got sick and I threw up, so I took another pill the day after. I started a new cycle after ...

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Wife experience syntoms between ovulation and her period after quit using condoms, and not pregnant?

My wife and i use condoms for pregnancy prevention alone. After two years of marriage my wife and I decided to try to conceive. During that time ...

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Baby names for 2 girls?

I'm 16 and expecting TWINS-GIRLS! I am looking for many different names and thought I should start here. Thanks! -Gaia Elaine

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My girl friend is 22yrs ... she is still a virgin but I am not?

We have been into distance relationship for two years now I never make love to her, but I never ask for ...

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My boyfriend wants to watch me have sex with another man, is this normal? Can you explain?

I don't understand this behavior and although the thought of him watching ...

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Would you have sex with a friends wife if she wanted to?

My friend's wife wanted me to have sex with her. After numerous rejections, on my part, his wife and my ex ...

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