Before I go on with this, I want to make something abruptly clear. I'm not some random egotistical child over the internet that is attempting to spread some made up phenomenon here. What I can do and whatever this willful spurt of energy is, (I've stuck to calling it a voluntary adrenaline rush due to the way it feels and similarities between the two) it isn't a hoax. This isn't some made up gimmick to attempt to portray myself as some kind of complex super-human being. Its something I've had for awhile now and there seems to be no research on it what-so-ever. I myself like to think of myself as an analytical dreamer. I believe in what is possible, and the human race itself has the potential to turn the impossible into the probable. So, without further introduction, let me attempt to explain exactly what it is I do, feel, and go through as I willingly force myself to have what I call my personal energy spurt.

It starts with this tingle that seems to reverberate throughout my entire body. The more I force it to happen, the larger to burst. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. Its kind of like an on/off switch. I can do it and sustain low spurts to make me more focused, or I can force it as much as possible until I cant anymore. I notice that as I keep the low energy surge going, I grow more focused and it makes thinking analytically much faster and more productive. It relieves pain and I, also being a drummer, makes it much easier for me to focus on individual places to hit and makes speed and rhythm easy for me. I've used it on multiple occasions, such as school when, if need be, I use it to awaken myself from the drowsy Monday mornings. Its like my entire body pulsates with energy and I become extremely jittery, shaky and occasionally unstable. I don't know what else to describe it as. Its just me manually overriding my adrenaline or something... I'm not sure. Please, if anyone has any answers, please help me out here. I'm moments away from calling the doctors and scheduling some sort of appointment to find out the source of it. Please add viable evidence with your answers, or simply converse with me about it if you obtain this strange skill as well.